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Saturday, February 04, 2017

Miranda Scarf - Man's Knit Cable Scarf

Yayyy - I completed his scarf too. It is a little short compared to the my pink scarf.

It is called the Miranda Scarf, a wonderful design created by

I used 2 skeins of 200g thick cotton yarn. Dark grey. It'd be great if I have extra 100g of yarn. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough yarn to complete the entire length. I had to stop at the end of 2 skeins of yarn.

Captured these photos using my Huawei P9. The photos really capture the details of the design intricately. I enjoy the entire process of making cable scarf. It is just so enjoyable and rewarding when touching this scarf. The 3D design is definitely worth the time and extra yarn usage.

3.75mm circular needles and my tension work really well with 200g thick cotton yarn.

I really love cable scarf very much.

I used 2 skeins of 200g yarn. 

Man's Sweater

I made this sweater for him. It's one of the projects for my coming Korea honeymoon trip. I hope the trip will proceed as planned.. =( I was told that they were still lacking of 4 people to confirm the tour.

I followed this tutorial:

I used 3.5mm crochet hook for the ribbing. It looks tighter and neater in my opinion. I decreased the number of rows because I initially thought the ribbing was too long. I was wrong. I should have followed the tutorial.

For the entire sweater, I used 4.5mm crochet hook.

The yarn used is 7 ply Tang Sheng cotton milk yarn.

I used approximately 7 skeins of yarn; 100g each.

It is definitely a thick and heavy garment. I believe it should be warm enough.. I didn't have him by my side when I crocheted this sweater. So, I used a polo T that he left behind, and eyeballed the measurement. He tried it on a few days ago. I forgot to take a photo. I'll update again.

I followed the smallest size of the tutorial. Everything in the tutorial is great to follow, except some parts where I feel there's a mistake. I decided to follow my instinct.

I took around 1 - 2 months if I'm not mistaken, to complete this sweater. Ended this project on 14 January 2017.

Flash light.
The back part.

The colours look more natural here.

The front piece, half way through

My sweater and scarf.. 
His is still in progress


Everything is great, except maybe it is a little stiff. 
That's why I dislike crochet garment.
I think knit garment looks much better because it is more malleable. 

Friday, January 13, 2017

Hamilton’s Unlimited Announces Along with Their Quality Carpet Cleaning Services Their New Emergency Flood Water Cleanup & Mold Removal for the Frederick, Maryland Area



Media Contact:
Hamilton’s Unlimited, LLC
Name: Kevin Hamilton          
Position: Owner         
Location: Frederick, Maryland
Telephone: Text (240) 674-0021 | Office (301) 371-7800

Hamilton’s Unlimited Announces Along with Their Quality Carpet Cleaning Services Their New Emergency Flood Water Cleanup & Mold Removal for the Frederick, Maryland Area

Frederick, Maryland – Hamilton’s Unlimited, a leading cleaning business in Frederick, MD with a spotless reputation, is excited to announce their unrivalled emergency flood water cleanup for the occupants of Frederick.

Floods have the potential to cause overwhelming property damage, and the sad truth is that floods can happen unexpectedly and unannounced. When it happens, it comes with devastating effects, and causes loads of losses and destruction. The longer water remains after a flood, the more challenging it can be to remove and the damage can get worse by the hour.

It was to this end that Hamilton’s Unlimited took it upon itself to provide help by rendering this enviable professional flood water cleanup service in Frederick, Maryland. This implies that residents and commercial property owners can now rest peacefully knowing they can now get the prompt, professional help they need when unforeseen flood water disasters happen.

The owner Kevin Hamilton said; “It means a lot to us to be able to serve the Frederick, MD community where our family also lives. We specialize in conducting thorough cleaning and restoration after floods, and we can be in your home or office within 24 hours or less for water damage or other emergency cleaning needs.”

“If our customer's are not happy, we are not happy. Your satisfaction is our number one goal. All of our water damage services are backed by the ‘Hamilton’s Unlimited, LLC cast-iron, guarantee.’ We are known for leaving our customer’s homes and commercial properties’ looking, smelling and feeling fresh as if water damage never occurred.”

To know more about the organizations, flood water damage restoration, visit -

About Hamilton’s Unlimited, LLC

“Hamilton's Unlimited, LLC was founded by the Hamilton family based in Frederick, Maryland in 2003. The company's employees are specialists in modern cleaning techniques and use quality products for pet stains, water damage and other stain-removal services. The company's motto is “We treat you like family,” and Hamilton's Unlimited, LLC demonstrates this with a no-hassle guarantee, no hidden fees, and a free consultation.

Frederick Carpet Cleaning Services by Hamiltons Unlimited

Hamiltons Unlimited Carpet Cleaning is one of Frederick’s most professional and reliable carpet cleaning service companies in the Frederick County, MD area. They boast twenty-four-hour emergency service, catering to needs ranging from fire and flood damage to general carpet restoration. Hamiltons Unlimited Carpet Cleaning is available for industrial and commercial uses as well as private residences.

If your carpet needs a good cleaning, Hamiltons Unlimited Carpet Cleaning located in Frederick may be the way to go. Carpets can become dirty rather quickly and, depending on the color and material of the carpet, the dirt can be hidden. Not only does this put the life of your carpet in jeopardy, it puts the health of you and your family at risk. It has been proven that a thorough carpet cleaning not only removes the dirt and grime in the carpet, but it can also help to reduce the amount of pollutants and allergens in the air.

Hamiltons Unlimited Carpet Cleaning guarantees their work. If their customers are not satisfied with the job, it will be cleaned again at no extra charge, making them one of the top choices for cleaning and maintenance services in the greater Frederick area. That is a quality guarantee that can’t be found at every mom and pop cleaning operation. In addition, this company offers individualized consultation services, assuring you that you’ll get the treatments and service that you need to restore your carpet and upholstered furniture to their original glory.

Whatever your needs, chances are good that Hamiltons Unlimited Carpet Cleaning has a service to fit your needs. In addition, they have an excellent track record with their customers. Many are very satisfied with the service and become repeat customers. Hamiltons Unlimited Carpet Cleaning uses some of the most advanced technology in the market today and their knowledgeable staff and service personnel can deal with nearly any situation that can arise.

24-hour emergency service is available, and payments can be made by cash, check, credit/debit cards or PayPal. For more details please visit

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Crochet Raspberry Stitch Stripes Long Sleeves Sweater

I'm getting married next year!! Wheeee - - - !

My spouse and I have decided to go to Korea for honeymoon. We've already booked the tour and everything. What left now is just the garments.

I'm so excited actually, wanting to know how it feels to be at a place with 0-8 degree Celsius.

I wanted to try to knit a sweater instead of regular crochet but I failed. It's difficult. I am still very new to knitting and I think I need to race with time. So, I cannot afford to waste too much time learning how to knit a sweater. It'll be too difficult and time consuming for a newbie to do all by herself without a guru.

Many people think it is impossible to learn a skill without finding a teacher. Guess what? This is a false concept that people use to disguise their unwillingness to learn with determination. Youtube is one of the best teachers in the world. I really appreciate these youtubers who are willing to spend their time making money and teach the world for free.

I'm grateful to acquire the crochet skill from Youtube.

Crochet Raspberry Stitch Stripes Long Sleeves Sweater 

These taken with Panasonic Lumix DMC FH5

Taken with Sony Xperia ZL camera 

I used 7 ply Milk Cotton yarn from Tang Sheng (with black label)
4.5mm crochet hook for single crochet stripes and 3.5mm crochet hook for the raspberry stripes.
5.5mm crochet hook for bottom ribbing. 
I think I used around 3 skeins of white and 3 skeins of blue yarn (each skein is 100g) 

Throughout the process of crocheting this sweater, I had to rip off a few parts many times before I got them right. Each time I unravel the yarn, I told myself it's okay, I'm doing this for a better and more fitting garment, it is going to be worth it. Gah! Finally - I pushed through and managed to get a sweater that I'm pretty happy with. 

If only I was fairer, I think I'll look more Korean-ish with the hairstyle and specs. Haha. 

I took around 3 weeks to get this sweater done. Done in a hurry, not in the leisure mode. I spent a few hours each day, repairing and repairing until I am satisfied. 

Before I end this post, I'd like to thank Interunet from Youtube for teaching me how to crochet this garment. Her video tutorial is by far the best on Youtube. This is the #3 garment that I did following her tutorial. 
Friday, July 08, 2016

Weave bin


I only managed to paint a few tubes with yellow and grey using the Buncho water colours. It takes too much time and effort to paint them using the brush. As I'm not doing these in big quantity so that's my only method - colouring the tube one by one.

So I managed to save them up for the best weaving craft I want to make - the basket which supposedly meant to be a bin. =/ Then I decided may not. 

I missed him while I was weaving... Weaved for almost a few hours after he left me. Done in a day. 

The edging is not really how it is supposed to be as I improvised a little. I think it is too troublesome to tuck it in so I just simply tuck it anywhere I think will hold the piece properly. Not too bad I guess. This edging uses a lot of tubes though. 
Friday, June 24, 2016

Women's Square Motif Lace Blouse (tutorial by Interunet)

It's been AGES since I last blogged something. I have been busy with many things.. Working, on diet, preparing for my wedding and of course, crocheting. So, here's the project which I have spent months on. Finally done. Haha..

This colour is closer to its original colour. 

The colour is a little off here. It's not supposed to be this bright.
My camera's setting is set wrongly. Showing this picture so that you can see how it looks like when lay flat on the ground.

It's my blog, so I'm going to post all my pictures HUGE.

A close-up one.

I used Golden Sun cotton yarn with 2/0 Tulip crochet hook to make this blouse. I'm supposed to use 2/0 but I accidentally mix up some motifs with 1/0. Haha.. Luckily, it didn't turn out too weird as I only did the mistake on a few rows of motifs (yes, few rows and then only I realize.. zzz).

The original neckline I envisioned is not like this. It's more of an off shoulder kind. However, since this is made for my grandma, I cannot expect her to be wearing such sexy outfit. So I made the neckline part more narrow so that it looks more decent for an old lady to wear.

I cannot really remember how many skeins of yarn I have used. Maybe around 5-6 skeins. 

I used the tutorial from Interunet: 

May God bless this talented and selfless lady for sharing all her great tutorials on Youtube. I managed to crochet 2 pieces of garments using her tutorials.

Though I did face some problems at the beginning but soon, I figured out how to fix it. Ah - took me some time to see the pattern properly (haha! I am just an amateur crocheter). I think I took about.. almost 4-5 months doing this piece of blouse. Yes, that long! It's been on and off work because of other commitments I have in life.

So, after trying this blouse for photographs, I'll give it to my grandma this weekend. I hope that she'll like it. 

Friday, March 18, 2016

Recycled 'Crystal' Plastic Bottle - Yarn Tutorial

Recycled 'Crystal' Plastic Bottle - Yarn Tutorial

  • 3/0 crochet hook (2.2mm) 
  • Minlon acrylic knitting yarn 
  • yarn needle 

1) Cut the bottom of the mineral bottle to approximately 5.5cm diameter. 

2) If you are using bottom bottle that looks like in the picture below, you should be able to get 20 holes.

3) In the first hole: Tie a knot to your string and slip stitch in the first hole (see picture 1). Chain 1 (see picture 2). 2 single crochets in the same hole (see picture 3).  

4) In the second hole: 3 double crochets. 

5) In the third hole: 3 double crochets. 

6) In the 4th hole: 2 single crochets 

7) In the 5th  hole: 2 single crochets 

8) In the 6th hole: 2 single crochets 

9) In the 7th hole: 3 double crochets 

10) In the 8th hole: 3 double crochets 

11) In the 9th hole: 2 single crochets 

12) In the 10th hole: 2single crochets 

13) In the 11th hole: 2 single crochets 

14) In the 12th hole: 3 double crochets 

15) In the 13th hole: 3 double crochets 

16) In the 14th hole: 2 single crochets 

17) In the 15th hole: 2 single crochets 

18) In the 16th hole: 2 single crochets 

19) In the 17th hole: 3 double crochets

20) In the 18th hole: 3 double crochets 

21) In the 19th hole: 2 single crochets

22) In the 20th hole: 2 single crochets 

* You  might find this confusing but once you get one done, you will know the pattern by heart. You do not have to refer to the steps above anymore. 

23) Slip stitch to the first chain made in the first hole. (see picture 10) 

24) Chain 1. Single crochet in every stitch until you reach the first double crochet stitch (see picture 12). 

25) Double crochet 2 times in the space between the two double crochets (see picture 14) 

26) Continue to single crochet in every stitch until you reach to the next 2 double crochets stitches. Repeat step 25. It's to make the edges. 

27) Repeat the single crochet and double crochet in the spaces steps until the entire round is completed. Slip stitch to the first chain made in step 24. 

28) You should have a granny square now with sharp edges (see picture 26). 

29) Weave in the extra yarn into the granny square. (see picture 27). 

30) You should now have a clean granny square (see picture 28).

31) Repeat the steps above to make the sufficient number of granny squares needed for your project.

31) Arrange the squares according to the pattern that you like. 

The above layout is to make the pencil box as shown below: 

There are different layouts: 

Another type of layout:

The crystal diamond bag layout: 

32) Start joining the squares starting from the middle square.  

33) Make sure the pattern of the water bottle bottoms are facing each other inwardly (see pictures 29 - 30) to make sure you get the correct pattern. 

34) Slip stitch in between the space of the two double crochets at the edge (see picture 31). 

35) Chain 1 (see picture 32).

36) Slip stitch the stitches combining two squares together until you reach the double crochets' space (see picture 34). 

37) When you reach the 2 double crochets space, slip stitch into the space. Chain 1. Join another square by joining the edge via the double crochet space. Basically the joining process is quite similar to joining traditional granny squares. 

38) You should get something like this. You will have to cut the yarn and continue a new yarn with the same joining process when you joined the last square. 

39) From the double crochet space, slip stitch and make 3 chains as seen in the picture below. 

40) Make double crochets across the entire round. In each double crochet space, make 1 double crochet. 

41) After you have completed the double crochet round, then make 3-4 rounds of single crochet round. Slip stitch to the third stitch of your starting 3 chains. Then chain 1, start to single crochet across. 

42) Weave in the remaining yarns. 

43) Sew on the zippers. 

44) Done.

I hope you enjoy making this crystal plastic bottle - yarn products. 

Monday, February 01, 2016

Gifts Code: What If My Child Doesn’t Seem Gifted


Being parents, it is normal to be always worried whether your children are able to compete with other children so that they will be outstanding among the crowd. To be different from the ordinary, one will need to have talents which other people do not have. Unfortunately, not every child is lucky enough to born gifted.

Do not worry if you think your child is not really gifted in any aspect. This can be nurtured. All you need is some knowledge on how to make that happen through dedicated hardwork and patience. Get the book called “What If My Child Doesn’t Seem Gifted” written by Mil Aivlis. It has all the info you need regarding this matter.

Whether you are a new parent or a parent of a few children, this book is surely going to come handy for you. After all, every parent wants the best out of their children. Nobody wants to be left out as this society is all about competitions to determine who excels better and manage to secure a better life in the future.

This book is sold very well because of its reliable and truthful content. It teaches parents how to encourage children to reach their full potential without them realizing. Most parents do not understand that every child has his/her own talent. The problem is, what is it?

Discovering a child’s talent is an acquired skill which not every parent knows how to. Hence, this book has the input to guide you on developing your child’s interest and talent. Know that talents do exist in them. Parents’ job is to make these talents visible and not hidden and forsaken.

Each chapter in this book provides advice to help adults to encourage and motivate the younger generations to learn about their gifts and how to nurture them. Once a child has discovered what he/she is good at, then what left is just practice to make it perfect.

This encouraging and motivational book is totally recommended. It has gained many positive reviews from other parents. Even if you are not a parent yourself, you can actually make this a great gift for your friend who recently just got a baby. They will surely be thankful to receive this wonderful gift. Being a parent is learning through the process. Hence with this book, it gives them insight on how to prevent time wastage and misconception that their children are born untalented.

You will also get a free talent quiz. This helps to check what kind of talent your child embraces. It is all free and available for you.

Do not wait anymore. Check out their website here for more info:



Salzburg – the fourth largest Austrian city on the German border, with views of the Eastern Alps is a place that many people love to visit. It is famous for its beautiful sunrise and sunset. Of course, avid pianists from all around the world will be delighted to be able to visit the birthplace of the prominent 18th century composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

This city has a few historical sites which you surely do not want to miss out. Among the top chosen destinations are Mirabell Palace (opulent 17th century palace & gardens), Pastersfriedhof (historic Christian graveyard & catacombs), St. Peter’s Abbey (monastery), Hohensalzburg Castle (11th century fortress on a city hilltop) and many more. These places retain the beauty of the olden days so that today people could still be able to value their beauty.

Basically, this is a place not only for historical tourists because it has other attractions too. It is a dream destination for many tourists as there is no shortage of things to do. Other than sightseeing, you can also dine in the oldest restaurant in Europe while listening to the music of Mozart. It will be a great treat for your beloved girlfriend or wife to have a delicious three course candlelit dinner in such atmosphere.

Not only that, you can also take this opportunity to visit the salt mines in Salzburg. You will be amazed with knowledge that you can learn through this journey. This is totally a great place to go to if you are bringing a family with kids around. Other than having a break, they can learn something along the travel. Isn’t that great?

These attractions surely sound interesting. If you have decided to a visit to Salzburg, you will want to make sure the accommodation is great to provide you a comfortable journey. It will be a waste of time if you plan to look for hotel one by one in the Internet, comparing prices and facilities. These can be avoided if you seek for service. This is their website:

They provide accommodation booking service with a focus on companies, events and groups. They have local agents in Salzburg who will help you to find the best rates and availability in a hotel that best suits your needs. The great thing about their service is that with their buying power, they can definitely find you exclusive deals at NO extra charge.

Kidding? No. They are serious. They do not charge you fees for that. So, stay relax for your trip. Let them take the stress out of planning an event in Salzburg. If you need more info, you can contact them directly from their website.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Upcoming Event: Mozart Children’s Orchestra


The 2003 formed Mozart Children’s Orchestra is a well recommended performance for music lovers. Although it is formed by a group of children under age of 12, they do perform decently. They have undergone training and practices to make their performance outstanding.

These children learn to play musical instruments together with great harmony. Also, they are exposed to the great value of appreciating belonging to a talent group. Each and every one of them has their own talent. Having them all united to perform music is simply one of the best things you can enjoy in life.

They are being known as the Mozart Children’s Orchestra. Throughout the year, they will be going to different places to perform. However, they have special performances meant for Mozart Week. It is a moment of fun and music for all involved.

Every year, the soloist changes. This year, this role is played by Caitlan Rinaldy, a 12 years old beautiful and talented girl. She comes from Stiftung Mozarteum, Salzburg. The performance will be conducted by Christoph Koncz and Marc Minkowski whereas the presenter is Jürgen Flimm.

If you are visiting Salzburg during the Mozart’s birthday week, be sure not to miss this great opportunity to watch the orchestra. It is undoubtedly going to be a meaningful activity to do with your family if you have young children. Hopefully by bringing them along, these young children’s performance will be able to inspire your children. Perhaps they will begin to develop interest and passion in music soon. After all, it is always great to have an extra talent.

The details for the orchestra are as listed below:
Date: 31 January 2016 (Sunday)
Time: 3 p.m.
Place: Großer Saal Mozarteum

They will be playing a few famous music pieces composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. You are likely familiar with this musician, who has left many great masterpieces for the later generation to enjoy. Among the music pieces which will be performed are:
  • Symphony in D major KV95
  • “Lieder ohne Worte” (songs without words)
  • Concerto in C major for piano and orchestra KV 415
  • Symphony in D Major KV 97

If you need to reserve your tickets, you can contact or fax +43-662-87 44 54

The ticket prices are surely reasonable and affordable. They are being sold at the price of EUR 55, - / 45, - / 35, - / 25, -